Hooked on chocolate fish?!

March 07, 2018

Hooked on chocolate fish?!

Like a chocolate fish?  It would appear Glenn does!  

Chocolate fish are a favourite chocolate treat from Glenn's childhood - they were often given as a reward when we were children.  A chocolate fish is made from a strawberry marshmallow with a chocolate coating.  And, they are quite delicious!! 

We've got a number of chocolate fish prints to choose from - some are perfect for the fisherman, the foodie, the homesick kiwi, and some are just for fun.  We know though that they all look great on the wall!

Prize Catch Art Print

Prize Catch Art Print It's a chocolate fish lover's dream. The big one that didn't get away

Chocolate Fish Finger Art Print

Chocolate Fish Finger Art PrintThe chocolate fish is an iconic New Zealand treat. Now you can enjoy it's marshmallowy goodness in fish finger form as pictured. Delicious!

Pet Fish Art Print

Pet Fish Art Print 

Best Served Fresh

Best Served Fresh Art PrintAn illustrated guide to the art of making chocolate fish sushi

 Fresh Fish Art Print

Fresh Fish Art PrintA look back to the good old days in New Zealand when chocolate fish were delivered to your door

Anatomical Study

Anatomical Study Art Print - 1000's of these fish are consumed each year but little is known about what lies beneath it's marshmallowy flesh. In the name of science Glenn undertook extensive research to uncover it's anatomy 

 Canned Fish Art Print

Canned Fish Art PrintFinest quality New Zealand chocolate fish canned and preserved in chocolate sauce - te he :)

Irresistible Art Print

Irresistible Art PrintWhat fish could resist this chocolate covered marshmallow lure?

 French Connection 5 - Limited Edition Art Print

French Connection 5 - Limited Edition of 50 - A french kiwiana mash-up imagining a Chocolate Fish product poster in vintage french style.  This is part of a collection of the French Connection range in our limited edition prints

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