Free Colouring and Paper Craft Downloads

Free Colouring and Paper Craft Downloads

About these activities
I started creating these paper craft and colouring activities for my kids during lockdown in 2020 and thought others might like them too. I've continued to add more activities in lockdowns since then. 
If you look back to March and April 2020 and more recently for latest activities you'll find pics of assembled paper craft on our facebook and instagram pages.

Download and printing tips
Click on the links listed below to open an A4 size .jpg page in your browser. Save it to your photos on your phone or save to your computer, then open it print from there. (printing direct from browser may result in different size printout)

The Rhyming Pirate Mask - colouring and paper craft

The Rhyming Pirate - colouring

Mrs Rhyming Pirate - colouring

Be Happy Card - colouring

Draw Bird Butterflies - drawing and colouring

Crocodile - colouring and paper craft

Fold Up Character - colouring

Can Of Hands Prank - colouring and paper craft

Flying Pig - colouring and paper craft

Kiwi Mask - colouring and paper craft

Crayon Colour Match - activity and colouring

Draw A Hoiho Penguin - drawing and colouring

Humpback Whale - colouring and paper craft

Folded Cats - colouring and paper craft

Warning Sign - colouring and paper craft

Treasure Chest - colouring and paper craft

Dropped Ice Cream Prank - colouring and paper craft

Home - colouring

Wishing Well - colouring and paper craft

Dad's Mug - colouring and cut out

Worm Friends - colouring and play

Banana Peel Prank - colouring and paper craft

Name Bugs - drawing

Folded Frog - colouring and paper craft

Wobbly Lady Bug - colouring and paper craft

Father's Day Card & Gift - colouring and paper craft

Snapper - colouring

Gingerbread People - colouring and paper craft

Daffodil - colouring and paper craft

Paper Piwakawaka - colouring and paper craft 

Christmas Tree - colouring and paper craft

Make A Paper Pot Plant - colouring and paper craft

Bug Faces - colouring and paper craft

Loch Ness Monster - colouring and paper craft

Make A Moa - paper craft

Draw Some Food Friends - drawing and colouring

Kiwiana Dice - colouring and paper craft

Magnify A Minifig - colouring

Kiwi Love Heart Cut-out - paper craft

Jellybean Jar - colouring

Paua Shell - colouring

Folded Dog - paper craft

Be Kind - colouring

Out & About - colouring

Covid Kiwi - colouring

Fold A Paper Kiwi - paper craft

Ice Cream - colouring

Fantail Flyer - paper plane

Ice Cream Truck - colouring

Draw A Tui - drawing and colouring

Lolly Jar - colouring

Te Reo Colours - activity

Fantail Hand Fan - paper craft

Kiwi Concorde - paper plane

Marching Penguins - paper craft

Racing Cars - colouring

Window Bear - colouring

Native Cuckoo Clock - drawing and colouring

Garden Birds - colouring

Dinosaur Mask - paper craft

Window Kiwi - colouring

Kiwiana Egg - colouring

Find Food Friends - activity

Kiwi Caravan - model making

Draw A Dog On Chair - drawing and colouring

Lolly Googles - paper craft

Spot The Difference - activity

Dress The Kiwi - paper craft

Space Rocket - model making

Breakfast Code Cracker 1 - activity

Jandal - colouring

Kiwiana Dolls - paper craft

Counting Balloons - activity

Food Week - colouring

Two Tuataras - paper craft

Circus Kiwis - paper craft

Breakfast Code Cracker 2 - activity

Butterfly Mask - paper craft

Bedroom Sign - colouring

Kids Certificate - colouring

Sweet As - colourlng

Bird Butterflies- colouring

Stained Glass - colouring

Fairy Bread Fairy Bed - model making

Albatross Glider - paper plane

Breakfast Code Cracker 3 - activity

Native Bird Badges - paper craft

Kereru Drawing - drawing aand colouring

Stained Glass Tui - colouring

Build A Bach - model making

Pin The Beak On The Kiwi - activity

Robot Colouring - drawing and colouring

Draw A Cartoon Kiwi - drawing

Spilt Paint - model making

Breakfast Code Cracker 4 - activity

Counting Cards - activity

Sightseeing Kiwi - colouring

Hand Bunnies - paper craft

Colour By Niumbers - colouring

Shelf Bunnies - paper craft

Cupcake Decorating - activity

Easter Bunny - colouring

Draw A Bunny - drawing

Ice Cream Truck - model making

Vege Sauce - colouring

Rocking Unicorn - model making

Lollipops- colouring

Snowball Targets- paper craft

Letterboxes - colouring

Breakfast Code Cracker 5 - activity

Rain Butterflies - colouring

Kotare - colouring

Ice Cream Snowman - colouring

Tui Birdhouse- model making

Sunny Days - paper craft

In Your Bubble - colouring

Lolly Truck - colouring

Butterfly Bracelet - paper craft

Te Reo Crayons - colouring

Fold Up Penguin - paper craft

Rainbow Scene - paper craft

Ice Blocks - colouring

Happy Tortoise - model making

Gingerbread House - model making

Bird Biscuits - colouring

ANZAC Biscuits Recipe - colouring

Basketball Hoop - paper craft

National Anthem - colouring

Mr Four - colouring