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Art & Size Info

Art print paper and image sizes:
(reverse dimensions for landscape prints)

Unframed paper and image sizes
A4 = 210 x 297mm (image size = 170 x 252mm)
A3 = 297 x 420mm (image size = 240 x 356mm)
A2 = 420 x 594mm (image size = 504 x 340mm)
A1 = 594 x 841mm (image size = 481 x 712mm)
A0 = 841 x 1189mm (image size = 681 x 1009mm)

Overall framed sizes
A4 = 260 x 350mm
A3 = 350 x 470mm
A2 = 470 x 640mm
A1 = 640 x 890mm
Note: Some of our retailers frame our prints themselves so the frames they use may vary from ours.

Is the art framed?
You can select to buy your art unframed or framed choosing from the selections on each product page.

Who creates the art?
All of the art on this site is created by Glenn Jones. For more information about Glenn & Julia see our About Us page. Most of Glenn's work is 'open edition' meaning there is no limit on how many times the work might be reproduced. Our small amount of 'limited edition' prints have a set number that can only ever be produced and each is individually signed and numbered by Glenn. The increased prices of the limited edition prints reflect the value of being a finite piece of art.